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Turmoil during the disorderly feudal Japanese times gave birth to a rather silent child of unconventional retaliation against social upheavals, political intrigue, and constant military conflict. Infiltration techniques yielded as a result and marked history as its own revolutionary form of warfare. Configuration of stealth fighters was formed to the pursuit of muted espionages and sabotages. Silent infiltrators wisely concealed into the public at daylight. Veiled exteriors blended with the tones of dusk. Clever tactics devised to destabilize power when violence was rife. Covert resistance masked in silence. 

Landing in between historical frames and modern reality of the time space continuum, the new collection attempts to retain the fundamental nature of traditional garments while fast forwarded into a setting of futuristic design. EYES & SINS and its technical militaristic framework becomes romantically fused with traditional Japanese aesthetics such as utilizing sashiko patterns, pleating, and oversized layered garments for a resilient yet quiet look.

Product Design : Beefthang / Astrid / Howl

Photos : Runaway Heroes

Model : Beefthang