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On November 6th 1991, a black site known as Deep Sector 31, located near the border of Russia suffered a major catastrophe. As a result, the unknown patients escaped the covert biological research center. One of the experiments known as the Sleeper Project was shadow military enterprise, which was manufactured to subvert the national security apparatus.

Sleepers were born out of eugenics lab and was used as one of the destabilization tools by the Soviets as part of its military research during the Cold War. They were first deployed to destroy the rise of insurgents during Operation Solaris. These operations laid the groundwork for the subsequent use of Sleepers and other defoliant formulations by the U.S after the fall of Soviet Union in 1991. 

Nine years later, the Sleepers eventually normalize themselves within society. Unbeknownst to the Florist, he is activated as a Sleeper by nightfall. He establishes a group of methodically trained individuals as part of the insurgents uprising. They operate lethally and unilaterally in any urban landscape in pursuit for high valued targets. After a series of unknown assassinations come to light, a detective with a dark past begins his hunt...

Product Design : Beefthang / Astrid / Howl

Photos : Pihsien

Model : Howl