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INDICE STUDIO - Spring/Summer 2019 “Emotional Blackmail”
Anything can spread like virus through today’s social media, including hate. Although most participants function as casual observer, there’s one breed that often fans the flames – haters.
With anonymous identity, freedom of speech gets infinitely amplified. Whether using humiliation, threats, or violence to elicit guilt, haters get to ease their sense of inferiority and insecurity by blackmailing others. INDICE STUDIO reflects on this breed with a full ready-to-wear collection with largely deconstructed design - combining upper-class Italian suit fabric with labor-class denim fabric. Some experimental pieces include a “Hate-proof” object-dye T-shirt in Japanese cotton, black ink splashed coat & hooded bomber jacket in full Tyvek paper. Additionally, temple culture is incorporated into this seasonal collection. With the aim parallel to the phrase “Hate Proof” printed on this season’s T-shirt, the Taiwanese label introduces a rare (if not the only one) medium-weight golden necklace, identical to the lucky charm that’s often offered by Taiwanese temples to visitors.