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「世界和我們處境的真相最清楚地反映在茫然的心理不安或恐懼的瞬間。」 未來那時候,我們穿的會是怎樣的衣服呢,極端的前衛機能還是守舊的停止步伐? 經典科幻動畫電影《Akira》中的2019年背景,時空設定在第三次世界大戰後的重建,殘破不堪的舊衣與科技化武裝,新舊並存、是紊亂不羈的失序龐克。在悲觀設定的世界中,物資缺乏而導致舊時代軍裝的續用,服裝上的時空交錯,是我們這次拍攝的發想。 以新舊堆疊的服裝搭配來訴說,「軍裝」作為介質,連結過去未來,機能服飾與公發老品、再製軍裝的延伸,工業感的金屬配件穿插,以生冷堅硬的質地去呼應。 末世科技游擊戰背景的吉豐重工Guerrilla-Group,尖銳前衛的廓型與相對圓鈍的舊時代軍裝,都是強調「目的性」、「機能性」的服裝,工具般的可使用性與多適性,為的是提高戰事中生存的機會,雖所屬時代不同,卻貫徹著相同的概念。 似乎永遠沒有白天的科技發展末世,堆疊的雲層來自工廠廢氣,所有的光源都是那麼的刻意,霓虹充斥,鋼筋大廈壓迫感的逼近,斑駁的管線攪亂著市容,機械的嘈雜敲打和人們的苟延喘息是這座黑暗城市的標準背景配樂。

「 The truth between the world and our existence is most clearly reflected when we are lost in our inner unsettlement or moments of terror 」 How shall we dress then in the future? Shall we pursue clothes with extremely progressive functions, or shall we pause and returned to the old-school fashion? Our shooting concepts are derived from the evoluted Cyberpunk and the continuing of those old military costumes in the pessimistic world where there is a lacking of supplies causing a time and space delusion to the outfits. Functional clothing, an extension of reused military outfits, and government issued vintages. We take “military wear“ as the media to connect the past to the future, juxtaposing the old and the new, and resonating it with cold and hard texture of metallic accessory which brings out a industrialized sensation. There seems to be no bright technology in a dystiopian setting. Billowing clouds comes from polluting gas from factories. All sources of messy neon lights seems to be pretentious, while suffocating steel skyscrapers approach, and rusty pipelines rages in the city. Noisy bumping sound of machineries and are heavy breathing of consumed citizens are the standard soundtrack of this dark city.