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The bipolar order of the world’s forces has allowed an imperfect symmetry of warfare to perpetually change the course of war in history.Asymmetrical Warfare and its tactical approach seeks victory by undermining and draining the enemy force instead of direct forms of aggression. Disproportional strengths of opponents is a natural state of war which favours the insurgent’s audacity and ideological power while weakening the counterinsurgent’s heavy liability of order. We must not disregard the increase in economical, political, and technological terror while media primarily focuses on military violence. The concept of war is intangible. Despite different external changes and appearances, the principle of war remains the same. Asymmetrical warfare will continue to be fought on every front by all subversives, insurgents, and guerrillas.

Product Design : Beefthang / Astrid / Howl

Photos : Runaway Heroes

Model : Beefthang