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Rrose Sélavy

Primarily inspired by aspects of militarism, Silent Whisper has attempted to branch off into dadaism by taking the movement's central figure Marcel Duchamp and his pseudonym character Rrose Sélavy as an incentive to reflect Silent Whisper's alter ego. The Rrose Sélavy line is characterized by a single color tone blood red to depict the underlying element of manic and eros while being experimentally fused with the masculine contours of classic Silent Whisper items. In a sense, through simultaneously creating a contrastingly different character and ideological outlook, this alternative line symbolizes the potentiality to instigate a split feminine ego beneath the masculine body. Rrose Sélavy is also a pun of the french phrase that translates to "Eros, that's the life," which is incorporated in the new line of items as an unconventional world perspective, one seen in rose-colored glasses. More importantly, Rrose Sélavy acts as an alter ego that romanticizes the identity of Silent Whisper objectively and juxtaposes GFIRMG's former ideals.


Product Design / Direction : Howl

Photos : No.where.ashes

Layout Design : Beefthang