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Present year, 2013 A.D.

Advanced technology strikes terror as a new form of corruption. Operative program PRISM, codename US-984XN, along with program Stellar Wind under conduct of the National Security Agency comes into major disclosure revealing classified attacks through database communication. Cyber terrorism infiltrates into individuals and their private lives, depriving them of autonomy over secrecy. Personal information grow transparent, unconsciously succumbing all existing elements into the abyss of the Matrix. The equilibrium between natural and artificial is thrown off balance by a simulated higher power. An era of terminated secrecy approaches as transition takes place, steadily morphing substantial reality into a State of Dysfunction.

With the digitized subject, “End of Secrecy,” GFIRMG’s brand ideology is asserted with a message addressing the significance of complex data communication as a catalyst that potentially allows postmodernity to evolve into a substantial reality of Dystopia and the Matrix. In the quest of a Dystopian imagery, the main element of nature recedes, yet it has not been completely devoured. “End of Secrecy” thus exemplifies a transition stage fused with the remaining romantic impulses of humanity against the digitized and nonhuman complexities of science, which is incorporated into the garments through a selection of earthy tones in coordinance to the usual monochromatic palette. In continuation of the technical militaristic frameworks from EYES & SINS, the new line of items preserves its key components of functionality, ergonomics, and irregular contours in design. Functionality-wise, the new line utilizes custom synthesized fabrics, EAGLETEX® and ECOYA®, that are laminated and post processed with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating for adaptation of various environments, adding to overall mobility and versatility.

Product Design : Beefthang / Howl

Photos : No.where.ashes

Model : Beefthang